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RAZ-IR Series Thermal Camera

razir sx and pro and the new razir nano
razir sx package raz-ir nanao camera kit

The RAZ-IR is a high definition full-screen radiometric Thermal Camera. Not only does the RAZ-IR produce a stunning thermal image, its radiometric capability allows you to measure the temperature of that thermal image at any pixel on the screen. This advanced thermal analysis capability is available to you in real time at any point you choose in the scene. The capability is extended to the advanced Raz-IR analysis software which lets you analyze any point in saved images that you download to your PC. A full screen radiometric infrared camera, the RAZ-IR will be used for virtually any thermography application including; Energy audits, Building efficiency studies, PDM (Predictive Maintenance) mechanical, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) inspections, heat flow analysis, infrared electrical PDM (preventative maintenance) and R&D (research and development) product thermal profiles. With the RAZ-IR you are now able to visualize heat / cold within any image and place a numeric temperature reading at any point in that thermal image. The RAZ-IR Thermal Cameras from SPI allow you to perform when other infrared systems leave you wanting.

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The RAZ-IR series of infrared cameras have been featured in important network news stories, hollywood blockbuster movies and prime time television shows. The focus is clear, the RAZ-IR thermal infrared cameras are the ones to watch.

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RAZ-IR Comprehensive 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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Groundbreaking performance and Industry leading security. Investing in a thermal camera system is a wise decision that will pay back dividends long into the future. It is critical that your new tool perform when you need it to.

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High Resolution, Real Time Refresh

the raz-ir is 60hz

Ahhh, finally a solution without compromise. With an impressive and upgraded thermal core technology, phenomenal image quality and real time radiometric imaging the RAZ-IR delivers a no compromise solution. Check out some pictures and vidoes taken with the RAZ-IR and see what you have been missing.

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The RAZ-IR Series Compared

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The Raz-IR series comes in a variety of configurations to suit your specific needs. Call us today to help decide which model is right for you.

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RAZ-IR Specifications

razir specifications

The RAZ-IR is a full Featured Radiometric infrared camera with impressive specifications. This small and unique imager boasts a 60hz TV refresh rate and comes with so many features.

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RAZ-Ir Application Use

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The RAZ-IR can image the smallest of surface mount PCB components to give you a real world image of heat production and distribution in your printed c...
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While using the RAZ-IR, large areas of land or water can be searched quickly and precisely, requiring a lot less human power than with traditional me...
predictive maintainence
With over 15 years experience in industrial infrared imaging, SPI is pleased to offer the best bang for your buck in regards to all your electrical su...
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A thermal home energy audit is the 1st step to see how much energy a home consumes and to evaluate what measures one can take to make the home / busi...
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