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Buy NEW infrared cameras NOT used infrared camera systems. The RAZ-IR NANO low cost infrared camera is a state of the art thermal imager system with features normally found only on high price thermal cameras.

With the introduction of the RAZ-IR NANO infrared camera there is no longer a need to purchase used infrared camera systems. The NANO thermal camera gives you all the latest features at a price that is affordable to most users. The Nano offers you the latest small size form factor making it easy to take with you and guaranteeing that the camera will see more use and pay back its investment sooner creating a lower cost system. The NANO infrared imager gives you live thermal video recording, accurate temperature measurement, picture in picture display, easy touchscreen control, autofocus and complete thermal report / analysis software package. With the NANO you are ready to go right out of the box with all the extra accessories that you will need to do your job and do it right. Check out the full details of this remarkable instrument below and give us a call to discuss your unique application in detail and infrared camera pricing for your needs.

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Customer Feedback

Dear Jim,

I sent this to Mike when I received the Nano. I also told the NASA-WISE mission, the same thing and when they purchased one they loved it as well. I just wanted to let you know that I received the IR camera/Nano an hour ago and I can’t put it down. I love it sooo much! The raptor we purchased last year was great because it met all of our expectations; small (major importance), cheap, but the Nano meets more than our expectations. There are so many features I have discovered in an hour that make it so much better than the raptor. The wider screen, the visible display with an overlapping infrared display, etc. I can’t wait to see what else I’ll discover.

(ARC-PX)[Universities Space Research Association (USRA) : NASA


Tampa, FL 3-4-2010 Customer

Dear Jim,

After getting familiar with the RAZIR infrared camera I purchased from your company, I want to give you some feedback on the use of this camera. As you know I have been using FLIR cameras such as the ThermaCam E4 and the InfraCAM SD and the RAZIR camera is a strong competitor to FLIR products. I am very pleased with the small form factor and like the flip screen very much. The ease of use and the features are better than anything that I found in FLIR cameras before. The resolution and sensitivity of the RAZIR is superior to the FLIR cameras I own and the build in visual camera makes the RAZIR the camera of my choice. The included IR Report software is also a serious tool to generate professional reports and is much more useful than the FLIR Quick Report software, included with all FLIR cameras. I certainly give this camera 5 out of 5 stars and can only recommend it to anyone that is looking for an affordable, high quality IR camera.

Henning R.

RAZ-Ir Application Use

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The RAZ-IR can image the smallest of surface mount PCB components to give you a real world image of heat production and distribution in your printed c...
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While using the RAZ-IR, large areas of land or water can be searched quickly and precisely, requiring a lot less human power than with traditional me...
predictive maintainence
With over 15 years experience in industrial infrared imaging, SPI is pleased to offer the best bang for your buck in regards to all your electrical su...
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A thermal home energy audit is the 1st step to see how much energy a home consumes and to evaluate what measures one can take to make the home / busi...
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We really love using the RAZ-IR. We use this on a regular basis and our income has shot way up. We had the RAZ-IR investment paid off within a few weeks!
J.T Midtex Inspections
Sahara Thomas
I can't believe how great this thing is! The infrared image is amazing. We love the ability to record thermal video!
Quantum Electro
William Everest

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