RAZ-IR NANO Specifications


Specifications for the RAZ-IR NANO thermal camera system. The NANO is a low cost infrared camera loaded with high price specifications. Thermal imager prices have never been more advantageous to the consumer than they are right now. We have some unique promotions that make buying a thermal infrared imager camera more affordable than ever. Call us today to discuss your unique situation.

Imaging Performance (NANO Model)



Detector Type

Uncooled FPA Microbolometer, with image correction and full auto imaging and instant image enhancement.

TV rate real time 60 hz sensor

High sensitivity, maintenance free, Microbolometer UFPA


Spectral Range

8-14μm LWIR Long Wave Infrared

Field of View

20.6°×15.5° - Point and shoot imaging

Thermal Sensitivity

1/10 degree sensitivity


Built- in Digital Video colors (pro only*)

CMOS Sensor, 1600 x 1200 pixels, auto balance and auto gamma.

Image Presentation

External Display LCD

2.47″TFT active matrix High resolution color. Touch screen

Display Color

256 level, 8 palettes (Rainbow, iron, B&W, etc) custom palettes user defined.

2X digital zoom onboard

PIP Fusion
Visual and IR blending


Temperature Range

-20 to +250 C

System Architecture

Fully Digital with onboard and post processing manipulation

Measurement Modes

Spot / manual (up to 4 moveable), spot / automatic placement at max, area (up to 4 moveable) displaying either max, min, or average, isotherm, line profile, auto alarm

Emissivity Correction

Variable from 0.01 to 0.99 (in 0.01 increment)

Measurement Features


Automatic correction based on user input for reflected

Ambient temperature,distance, relative humidity,atmospheric transmission and external optics

Image Storage


Built-in Flash memory (8G bit capacity) + Removable 2GB SD Card

File Format


IRI (An individual file consists of infrared image, visual image and voice annotation) JPG with analysis record

Voice Annotation

Variant for different files, up to 60 seconds per file. User can record a voice comment to every image saved

System Status Indication

LCD Display

Shows status of battery, indication of power

Sound Alarm

Automatic alarm for low battery + audible Alarm for max/min temperature rise/fall,

user defined.

Laser Locator

Classification Type

Class 2 semiconductor laser

Battery System


Li-ion battery, rechargeable, field replaceable

Operating Time:

Over 2 hours continuous operation per battery

Charging System:


In camera via USB interface from AC adapter (96-250 VAC) or in battery charger

Power Dissipation:

< 3W

Environmental Specification

Operating Temperature:


Storage Temperature:

-20c- +60c


Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non- condensing




Operational: 25G, IEC 68-2-29



Operational: 2G, IEC 68-2-6




Image (thermal & visual), measurement, voice and digital video transfer to PC and or RS323 Camera control via PC

Included software bundle

-Fusion IR proprietary infrared imaging color software w/image notation, custom color palettes, and documentation.
-EZ report word based proprietary software for instant documentation and evidentiary imaging Vref.
-RSW radiometric Full analysis and reporting software suite



0.35Kg (including battery)


154mm× 69mm× 45mm (Standard Model)


RAZ-Ir Application Use

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Sample Image
The RAZ-IR can image the smallest of surface mount PCB components to give you a real world image of heat production and distribution in your printed c...
Sample Image
While using the RAZ-IR, large areas of land or water can be searched quickly and precisely, requiring a lot less human power than with traditional me...
predictive maintainence
With over 15 years experience in industrial infrared imaging, SPI is pleased to offer the best bang for your buck in regards to all your electrical su...
Sample Image
A thermal home energy audit is the 1st step to see how much energy a home consumes and to evaluate what measures one can take to make the home / busi...
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